Monday, November 4, 2013

It has been awhile but I will be adding more images of  beautiful jewelry soon. We have been working on a book which is now out and can be purchased on

The Witch Of Gryphgothington

Join us on this wondrous adventure in “The Witch of Gryphgothington”. This quaint short story is a tale about a witch or rather The Witch who travels about on a Star Rider bicycle and lives in an old and decaying, but lovely Victorian mansion on the edge of the very curious Gothic village, known as Gryphgothington. She is appointed by The Queen Spirits of Saturn to bring the spirit of Halloween back to Earth in order to release a most horrible spirit block at the “other levels” causing spirit jams at the crossing points. The witch goes back to a small town where she once lived to enchant the towns’ unassuming people into celebrating this All Hallows Eve with just the right amount of passion and fun. Her trusty but mischievous companion and familiar Scrap the homely bat helps a little, perhaps a little too much, and great pandemonium ensues for the two…

This story is not suitable for young children under 13

Proceeds from the sell of this book will go towards the museum purchase of a building to house
The Victorian Mourning Museum

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