Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lion Sash Pin

This is a rare antique lion sash pin signed by Foster & Bailey.
There is an F&B mark on the “C” clasp.
The Foster and Bailey Company operated at Providence, Rhode Island between 1878-1898.
They were a highly regarded maker of jewelry.

This piece is characteristics of sash pins made prior to 1885 because of the hand bezel set stones. This brooch has ruby colored Jeweled eyes and clear crystal mouth both of which are most likely paste. This sash pin is heavily 14K gold filled. This sash pin is in near mint condition as it was for a collection.

 Queen Victoria made these pins popular in the 1800s

 Here is the F&B Mark

 These are a few more Victorian peices late 1800s

William Kerr Sterling Silver Buckle

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