Friday, September 28, 2012

Victorian Mourning Museum Beadwork Jewelry

Victorian Mourning Museum

 Gutta Percha Mourning Brooch
Memento Mori
"Remember you are mortal"

We are starting this blog for sharing information, and resources, as we are starting a nonprofit Victorian Mourning Museum. We are going to be sharing our purchases, and finds as well as our search for items and our quest for a nice second empire Victorian home to put it all in. We are hoping to start collecting funds and donations that we can share with the world by opening this museum and by opening it online as well.

All of us involved have always loved this era and want to preserve it as much as possible, I have an extensive collection already, and I want it out of boxes and out in the light of day to be seen and shared with generations to come. I have owned and operated several antique stores in Portland Oregon since the early 80’s and have been collecting Victoriana since the early 60’s. This is a dream I am going to bring to fruition complete and exact to period

We are currently seeking donation of victorian items please email to

The late Victorians used mythological creatures in a vast amount of their jewelry


Lovely Victorian Mythological Pendant Depicting a Devil Cherub and Two Chimeras
Rare unmarked Sterling

Victorian Serpent stick pin with green paste eye faceted amber glass stone

Victorian Serpent Brooch

Victorian 3 Bat Locket with Brilliants
For Mourning Photos and Hair

Woman Holding A Bat

North Wind Mourning Locket

Brass and Glass Brooch and Pendant

Victorian Brass and Amethyst Glass Sash Pin

This is a Victorian Letter Opened in the Shape of a Bat.
This is made out of Copper and Pewter

Great antique patch
Kinght's of the Templar

Bat Stick Pin

Victorian Beadwork

Victorian Mini Hank

French Beaded fringe for a mourning Jacket or mantle
These French jet beaded pieces and trims came of dresses jackets and Mantle or Mantelet which is a kind of cape, these were made with cut, black glass beads, I have seen them in brass metallic and copper as well. They were popular in the early 1880's. The French influence in fashion was prominent in all fashion especially in the mourning pieces with their French beadwork and French Velvets. I have a few of these and will have Images in the next few days.

French Beaded and sequin Trim on net

Because we aer the Victorian Mourning Museum,
our gift boxes are Pine Pinch Toe Coffins or caskets.

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